Act: One, Scene: 3

Unfortunately, when it comes to intricately made, elaborate clothing... I just cannot help myself. It creates a fantasy lifestyle that can sometimes solely exist in one's mind. Although some visionary designers like Yasuko Furuta (for Toga), bring the fantasy to life, it sometimes does not fill the void unless you live the dream in its entirety. For her Spring/Summer 2009 collection, it seems as though her muse was a woman from an "organic future" that refused to conform to her current surroundings. The styling that allows the protruding silhouettes are flattering to a woman's shape and the palette way too classic to be difficult for anyone who might be stepping out of their boundaries. This is a win win in my book. 

I'm a Believer

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J.HAR said...

I'm in love with Toga and that redhead.

J. Harlem