They Call Me Wonder

Here we go with another necessity for the Summer. It's hot, no one wants to wear socks, and God forbid you walk out of your front door wearing a pair of flip flops. These tapered (as well as shortened) pair of trousers by Endovanera have convinced me that I NEED to get my feet in those Ralph Lauren slippers that I've been ranting about for the past two months (I know without a doubt that they will be mine soon). This is a simple piece that can be paired with anything you have in your closet (literally). 

What are the possibilities you ask? White graphic tee and your freshest pair of high-tops or a colored ribbed tank paired with a lightweight cardigan and a pair of driving loafers. And it's a simple a grabbing your tote and your keys and flying though the street. 

I'm a Believer

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