[Whats's Your 10] Action Jackson!

Since Runway Wonderland is all about the folks that make the fashion world go round, we've decided to make "Your 10" the newest edition to our spot. There's no better person to break the grounds than Designer, fellow blogger, and friend, Jackson Harlem. When I asked Harlem what his 10 essentials for the summer would be, I was sure I would get a list of items that came strictly from your local luxury department store, but to my surprise, there was more this dapper man than I'd expected.  "Whether I'm traveling across country or rushing to class, vintage leather bags are like good friends, they've made it through the tough times and are better because of it," Harlem explains, "I collect them; my favorite is this red wine-colored patchwork leather bag. It's surprisingly functional style-wise." 

1. Kellogg's Special K with Strawberries- Please say the strawberries. I'm a nice guy, but this cereal keeps me from cursing people and flipping tables over.


2. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice- There's a deep, fulfilling refreshment I get in every glass.


3. Facebook- I handle more business because of this site than I ever could before without having my own flagship clothing store. Thanks, Zuckerberg.


4. Adobe Photoshop 7.0- Although I sketch every design by hand first, Adobe let's me take it a step further and really bring it to life.


5. Turner Classic Movies Channel- Being a single professional can really wear you down. So I look to TCM for my romantic fill. And any film fanatic will attest: High Def hss nothing on Technicolor.


6. Runwaywonderland.com- It's like breakfast in bed on your computer. And it's bullshit-free, so there're no calories.


7. Playlist.com's Playlist Player- It keeps me connected with the latest music from everyone from Sarah Vaughan and Will Downing to Beyonce' and Kanye. It's like having a personal DJ without him changing the tracks mid-song. Don't you hate that?


8. Mr. Adams' (of Adam's Corner, Jackson, MS [my hometown]) Straight-Edge Razor Shave- After that hour-long haircut and line, Adams lathers your face and gets to cuttin'. That shave lasts like 5 days...even with my super-fast-growing hair. You can gaurantee you'll turn heads when you leave that place. It's almost like wearing a high fashion label on your face.


9. Anita White, Jacqueline Harlem, & Agent Barker (My Sister, Mother, & Agent)- Screw the Kellogg's, they really keep me from shooting up the place. Aside from my agent, they also act as my manager and bookeeper. I always confide in them. My Pops is too snooty to ask anything without having to hear a dissertation. They are my human essentials, if you will.


10. Brother LX-3125 Sewing Machine- It's my personal machine that allows me to make all of my samples. I've named it after my next project. [smirk]

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