I Love Myself!

I remember the day I walked into a boutique on Collins Avenue earlier this year and asked one of the sales associates for any fringed footwear or accessories as I was buying a gift for a friend. Her response was " there will be no more fringe for the summer. Fringe is OUT!" Being that I'd been so fluent in Trend Forecasting, I'd thought that maybe my brain had blown a vessel and skipped a few sessions of what I thought I knew. Just as I'd predicted... fringe is all I've been seeing for the season and I'm not ashamed to say that I own a couple pieces myself. Now ACB is providing us with yet another option for our accessory collection. Their grey suede fringe necklace is great for your ribbed tank and casual pencil skirt. Of course any chick who dares to fringe is an ideal mistress in my book.

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