Who da Kloss?

Every ice age the Fashion Magistrate that begins and ends with Our Holy Countess of Conde Nast: Anna Wintour decrees that another young, beautiful, high-school girl be whisked away to the lofty perches of Manhattan to become The Universe's Next Top Model (...Eat your heart out Eva Pigford!).

This time around, it's Karlie Kloss... seen in the pages of the coveted American Vogue September issue.

Kloss (who I have affectionately dubbed "KK") brings an intriguing electricity, or swag as some would say, that the modeling world has been lacking for a while. She's already being compared to the Greats (the era before the Supers... this group includes Veruschka, Lauren Hutton, etc.,) and is said to be "happy to hang her clothes up after each picture." (effin adorable)

Any white girl that can pull off a fro in 1o pages of an editorial and still look glamorous has my vote!

- K R A V E N

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