We Are The Creators...

This is for all those people out there doing all they can do to create their own real-life Wonderlands.

Wherever you are... NYC, Miami, London, Tokyo, Czech Republic, Crenshaw, Southside Chicago, the projects...wherever... Don't let life's many struggles, the "recession" or "depression" or whatever the hot name is for it now, slow you down from achieving what you want and what you can have!

Are you a Creator, or shall you remain content with what someone else has already created?? ....think about that.

"Me, I'm a Creator
Thrill is to make it up
The rules I break got me a place
Up on the radar
Me, I'm a Taker
Know what the stakes are
Can't roll it back, it's understood
Got to play our cards"

[From the song Creator by Santogold... download it if you don't have it already]

- K R A V E N

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*DELLA! said...

owww! werq it! loved this entry!