I Dress Myself!

I believe that the land of Men's Wear might finally be ready to but the skinnies to rest for a couple seasons. The more I do my online shopping, I'm seeing different variations of the harem pant/short. Though it's seems like its a major shock to our "normal trends", it really just goes hand in hand with how the weather has been progressing (GLOBAL WARMING! RUN FOR YOU LIVES! lol). Whether the world is ready or not...I'm preparing to get these Henrik Vibskov Shorts in my closet by the end of the month.  They're just too hot for me to pass up! 

Keepin' It Fresh


Gamma said...

I would totally be your friend? Does Seneca support this at all?

Betty said...

I believe you can do this and surprise me without a doubt... dont forget to post pics!