I must say the barbie craze is over!!!! Lady Ga Ga is on some "Life Size Super Hero" Isshhh! Barbies are definitely out and Super Heroes are in! Since we on Runway Wonderland love people who save lives, it clear that we'll call The Lady to the rescue whenever there's an emergency. I also adore the fact that she is inspired by many designers and creates some of her own ensembles which makes her extra hottt!!! There's no doubt that The Lady is a presence to those who yearn the creative and imaginative image (which why we dig the hair-bow).


Sergio Wonder said...

is it me or does she just need to upgrade the rest of her entourage! TERRIBLE! lol but she (as always) makes me wanna do sexual things with my mind. ha!

gamma said...

this chick really pushes it! and I think i do believe that her crew needs some image-love

thE rOCk said...

this chic is fuckin crazy. but it works