We Never Forget Pt. 1

As a youngster growing up in Miami, I was always intrigued by the idea of being a circus freak (weird? Not at all). As we all know, the circus is a place to see the unseen, whether it's the bearded chick, or the man-eating chicken. Even though these would be considered monstrosities against nature, I still had a yearning to experience what occurred 
behind the scenes. This spread inspired by the Circus really rejuvenated my interests and further more, supermodel, Jessica Stam looks effin' incredible as a member of the freak show (HER EYES!!!).

Freshly Kept


Betty said...

maybe I wasnt so crazy about the circus when I was a little girl, but this spread is gorg!

Lim said...

I adore Jessica Stam and this shoot. Divine.