[I'm A Lifestyler] I Drink Starbux!

Since we introduced our LifeStyler segment with Georgina. B last month, we've gotten such great feedback on just the concept alone that we had no choice but to keep the energy. There's no other person who can fit the mold of being an advocate of living stylishly than 23 year old, New York native, Cavol Forbes.

What's your claim to fame?
I'm the youngest person to be Project Manager at my company (flightpath.com). We handle the design, production and marketing of websites for some major companies - none fashion unfortunately.

Who or/and what inspires you to be a LifeStyler?
As self absorbed as it sounds... me. I have this weird need to always upgrade whether it be in style, career or location. Obsessive compulsive ambition.

Who is your style icon?
Everyday people. The best dressed men aren't on TV, they're on the streets. Honestly, the only innovative male style icon we have right now is Kanye West and even that is overshadowed by how inconsistent he is and insufferable his personality is.

Describe your ideal vacation.
I actually don't do vacations, I take time off and sleep.
Ideal place to eat (or meal)?
Aborigines should be high end delicacies.

What are you rockin' this season?
Black. And anything shiny without being metallic, even though it's spring.

You won't be caught dead in?
Won't be caught dead in or around Uggs or anything Ugg-like.

More important? Shoes/Bag? Why?
Shoes. They just are .. sorry.

Where are you in 5-10 years?
Downtown. And running shit - every body's shit.

When you're not working, you are (doing what with your free time)?
I hang out at home a lot mostly because I put so much into making home so comfortable. Most fun I have isn't out in a club rubbing up with people I don't know, it's at home drinking and being silly with friends.

There you have it... another LifeStyler identified. We love him... now it's you're turn.


Gamma said...

I love that picture! WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

awwwww.... what a cutie! i love that he wants to run shit in life! Can you send him to my house?

Georgina said...

"Obsessive compulsive ambition"

Genie xoxo

ThE rOCk said...

i live to be a lifestyler! this dude is hot!

Retro Sneaker said...

what an interestin guy. is he Single?

Anonymous said...

lol @ aborigines