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These days, anyone who thinks they're cool will prance around after they've thrown on a pair of shades and expect to be the center of attention wherever they go. Any LifeStyler who knows the true meaning of being a style icon would defnitely know way better than that. With AM Eyewear off the ground, you would have no issues getting more than just someone asking to take your photograph, you'd get an attitude to compliment your own.  After reviewing their entire range of  shades, I couldn't have been more astounded  by the variety their work. With that being said, I can say that I'm officially a devoted fan. 

Freshly Kept


Sincere said...


Betty said...

THEY'RE ALL SO "FAMAZING" I dont know what to do!
^#^ @@^&*&#@@&*)

thE rOCk said...

so hard to choose! DAMN IT!

Gamma said...

they are all so me!