Clouds Departed

Since fashion is now overwhelmed by brands that desperately want to set themselves apart, it now takes a lot for me to get excited over some jackets... the fit has to be impeccable , the feel has to be on point, and of course the color will have an imperative part to play in the decision making process. Now that I've come across Italian native Giorgio Brato, I no longer have to search the four corners of the earth for a brand that has what it takes to survive in a world of fading fads. What I particularly favored about his jackets is that they have a certain attitude about them. You'd think that his use of hardware and finishings would make the piece hard to transition into the next season... think again. These pieces can definitely last you a lifetime, at least until Brato makes something exceedingly better. 

Kept Fresh 


Lim said...

Very nice. But am I the only one who is more interested in the model than the clothes?

Gamma said...

the model is very hotly...and the jackets are definitely something to talk about it.,

Anonymous said...

DUDE! i'm so fuckin down for this right now!

Anonymous said...

I NEED that 1st jacket!