[Love Interest] Rani Jones

As of late, we've been experiencing a great deal of the "Green" movement that entails being stewards of the earth. You must admit that you sometimes question whether or not it fits into your lifestyle, especially when it come to eco-friendly fashion. Even though it's become quite popular to be apart of the cause, some designers who choose to be eco-friendly sometimes are missing the wow factor for their brand image. London based designers behind the brand Rani Jones  . Rani Patel and Lucy Jones, have clearly decided to bring a luxe image to being green no matter what connotation it may have. Her Spring/Summer collection possesses great classics for anyone who might have returned from 2023 and as we all know the modern image is sometimes the best one. All her jackets are made solely for the woman who holds no fear and seeing them only makes me wonder if she could have the same passion for men's wear (lol). 


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