Its Cold but not that Cold!

Ok So I told you I would bring it! Being the stylist that I am you always have to keep it 3008. If you want the 411 on these incredible must have bags you must e-mail me @ TheFlyestStylist@sprint.blackberry.net Its soooo exclusive :-) Anyone who can use garment bags and jackets as inspiration can awarded a fashion genius to get this result(whoa!) Rockin' these Bags seems sooo wrong yet makes you feel sooo right! But of course, you can't even think about rockin these with out proper swaggg. Once you have that accomplished, you can confidently scream "NO ONE ON THE CORNER........"!

What Celebs I would put in this?:

Lady GaGa
Kanye West
Erykah Badu
Amber Rose

Must I go on?



NINA said...

loving this!! great blog mamas!!

Gamma said...

oooooohhhh yesssss

::: faints :::

Anonymous said...

aaaaagggghh!!! wtf are these! these things are innovative works of art! I DIE!!

Mikey said...

And i surely love these. I think this massively reinforces my purse envy.

Betty said...

Oh my. I don't have the heart to pull of any of these, but my respects are paid.