Alice has arrived!

Hello! to all the RUNWAY WONDERLAND followers. Just as Sergio Wonder, Seneca, and Wayne has taken you on a journey into their Wonderland! I will come in and be their Alice lol. My sister consistently calls me Alice I take it as a compliment when in reality she is actually picking at all my wonders. This adventure will be a trippy one. My Wonderland is High Fashion, Sex, Music, Art, Drugs, Innocent, Raunchy, Decadent Hollywood, Boho,Hood, Funky, Rock. Unconventional. Makes no common sense but its Ascetically pleasing to the EYE and MIND @ the end of the day that's all that maters in this wonderland! Free Minds Lets Explore! :-)


NINA said...

i saved under my favs so i can catch up with my fav girl xoxoxo

Gamma said...

Lovin the hair!