[Remember Me] D'angelo - Lady

I remember when D'Angelo's hit single "Lady" was released. I was in middle school and I went around to the girls I thought 
were my girlfriends saying " you know you my lady!" (lmao! laugh as hard as you want!). The word from industry insiders is that 
D'angelo is working on a new "project" to be released later this year, which sortof makes me happy, seeing that I'm
not as pleased with the music I'm hearing today. Plus.... he was definitely someone to look up to when I was younger. 
All I wanted to do what look good and serenade all the girls in my class. so glad those days are over (lol)

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Anonymous said...

so did you really believe that you would get these girl by telling them that? lmao. thats so funny.
i did love this song though. brings back so many mems.