[Love Interest] Borsalino

I always get excited when I see brands like Borsalino embracing their own modern twist on Men's Wear. There's no question that their current collection has a clean and classic spirit embedded in the seams, however the color choice is youthful while maintaining it's sophistication. I die for a good trench... and their heather-grey lightweight trench is everything I've ever dreamed of wearing in the spring.  I was first exposed to the Italian based brand while roaming the menswear department on Luis Aviaroma, but apparently Borsalino isn't just exclusive to the civilians in cyberspace. You can also find their incredible works in department stores like Neiman Marcus, Printemps, Bergdof & Goodman, Barney's, Harrod's, Gallerie  Lafayette and few of the other greats. After visiting their website, I'd discovered that there's much history behind the brand that trails back to 1834. So with that being said. I can safely say that they have slowly made their way to my Love Interest List. 

Freshly Kept

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very professional and stylish. i cry for this