I Just Had Breakfast

Its evident that the crest has been the signature finish that triggers
the leading dapper image in men's wear. Whether its a blazer, polo,
v-neck sweater, or a vest...you're bound to get a clean well
complimented look if you happen to get your hands on even just the patch
itself. I saw this sleek blue blazer by <span class="Apple-style-span"
style="font-weight: bold;"><a
href="http://nubian-ave.com/?pid=13145298">Wood Wood</a></span> and
immediately reached for my credit card. Of course, once I remembered the
state of America... I controlled my emotions and just decided to keep my
eyes on this necessary piece. Once things get a bit better... there's no
doubting that my wardrobe will be complete with this blazer!

Freshly Kept

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Mikey said...

You know what... You just kept me from spending my light bill money!