New Paycheck

So here's how it all works...Editoral spreads exist solely to emulate
how seasonal trends can be taken to the extreme of extremes and then
brought to life through the talents of the creative groups. This
particular editorial for Dazed & Confused Magazine (May 2009) shot by
Mariano Vivanco who is a modern day genius behind the lens, has moved me
to be the best creative force that I can be. Mainly because when I look
at the concept, I understand it to be a woman who might be perceived as
totally out of her mind, but is perfectly sane. She just happens to be
quite expressive. Thanks to fashion stylist, Nicola Formichetti, the
image of one who thinks for herself has clearly been delivered.

I dig


Jo Blow? said...

I see the shoes u posted r in this editorial extra hot!!! *wink*

Georgina said...

Oh! The shoes in the last photo. OH!!!