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We mentioned that the use of zippers have been a major trend lately, and we're definitely ones to encourage it when it's done in code error fashion. The best way to stylize your wardrobe with innovative accessories is with Kate Cusack Jewelry, who will undoubtedly make you (and your gear) a conversation piece at your next outing. We had the pleasure of talking with Kate herself and discovered that she was inspired by the idea of the Chanel flower and decided to put her own twist on the concept by using raw materials.... hence the Zipper Collection. Whenever someone musters up the thought to use your everyday materials in a way that isn't "conventional", it's nothing but the acts of a genius. I personally have my eye on the flower brooches that are hotter than the sun itself.
Kate told us that she will be sending a small grouping of work to an exhibit in Amsterdam and will also be featuring her Zipper Jewelry in an editorial shoot for Italian Vogue's May Issue. We've definite made Kate a staple on our Love Interest List.
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Betty said...

wwwwoooow. the bracelets/cuffs are so cool. I want them all!

gamma said...

I'm with you on this, the brooch is done nicely.I'd pay the 85 bucks for em! In fact, I already did!