Warm It Up

Amber Rose reportedly has been the hottest talk of the town amongst all block walkers for some months now. Though I'm never usually the type to follow after the popular, this time I can't help myself. With the help of Joana Marquez and our very own Seneca.... I've come to notice these incredible Chanel shades.  This blonde bombshell is no Lady Gaga but she might be on her way if she keeps this up.  

Now, even though Seneca managed to get his hands on the Chanel shades that are being auctioned off at Leslie Hindman, we're checking all of our resources to make sure these are real deal. Marc Jacobs can eat his effin' heart out with these out on the loose. 

Freshly Kept

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Betty said...

ok ok ok! she disgusts me BUT those shades do look extra good. I'M BIDDING