Ice Cream & Sprinkles

I recieved an email early this morning and the Subject read " World Domination".... at first I thought "Oh Lord.. not another damn conspiracy message!" To my surprise, it was this photo of pop star, Cassie's new cut. No matter how much I don't like her as an artist, I'm confortable enough to say that I dig this new look.

As of late, there seems to be an increasing in-your-face and on-the-edge image perculating amongts the music industry... it's almost like a gritty glamour vibe that I can really get into. Yes, she shaved one side of her head (possibly by accident)... yet she has the long gorgeous dark hair and the almight oversized shades that suggests that rich and empowered image that we see everyday in the tabloids. Needless to say, Cassie has REALLY raised the bar a couple notches and I'm cool with it.

Fresh beyond all means



LoveBeautyHumility said...

I can't remember who did this cut first...
But I must admit it looks like nice on her.
Giving her the edge that her music couldn't give... I give it 7/10

Betty said...

ummm... well I like it for its newness. I have to see how she fully rocks it. but as of now, it doesnt kick ass yet.
cute though.