Is it really a red carpet... At the AMA's?

Last night as I watched the 2008 American Music Awards, I found it difficult to not have my eyes GLUED to TV screen, just to see who was wearing what and why. There were a lot of interesting decisions made (style-wise), and of course some that were timeless. Although I always find it a bit amusing how "artists" like Miley Cyrus are career controlling father show up, and believe that they are the freshest thing to touch the floor.

Sir Kanye West was moderately casual wearing his new clothing label, Pastelle. I thought the colored raccoon tail was bothersome. Was I alone there?

Outside of there normal slut-gear, I thought Pussycat Dolls looked great. The fact the "all about leg" look was consistent made me smile.

OK...Chris Brown doesn't normally catch my interest, but he went for a classic dark look with simple touch of "youth" with the vest. Doesn't look 13 years old anymore does he? lol

And of course, I particularly appreciated the high collar on the leather jacket. GUILTY!!!

I was a little confused with the dangling diamond, other wise, Alicia Keys bought my attention with this gown.

t-PAIN-in-my-fashion-ass , looking like an idiot as usual... to each his own right?

As I said before, Rihanna has really grown on me as of late. In my opinion, this dress was cute, when she had her hands in front of it (as shown in the photo above). But without then there... OH LAWD... I thought she was packin' a pee-wee, which was IMMENSELY distracting. Other than that, the gloves were a nice extra touch for her image.

One of my favorite icons, Pink, really took me by surprise with this FANTASTIC gown. And of course her hair in combination with the entire look drove me up the wall with mental erections... (sorry but there's no other way for me to describe it).

Finally, Queen Latifah really widened my eyes, she's stunning!

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