Heart Written

Was I the only one that thought the new Gucci Ads with Rihanna were a little dry?
Don't get me wrong, she's definitely grown on me as an artist as well as a style icon. but i was expecting soooo much more from Gucci.

Theres nothing more disappointing than a gorgeous woman of color with full potential to be my new obsession , stretching out in what seems to be a gigantic hoop earing wearing a boring white bathing suit, and being swallowed by a 3rd grader's school bag.

What's even more irritating is that the ad campaigns are supposed to BENEFIT UNICEF. (lol) The proceeds are reportedly going towards the towards improving the lives of children in sub-Saharan Africa. ... I'm not sure if i can see the promotion being a positive one.... BUT at this point, I can only wait until the campaign is over. Till then, I'll be keeping some sort of hope alive for the kids in Africa - yet still gagging over the pages of my magazine(s)

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