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More from the Burberry Camp... Little Emma Watson is all grown up and no longer studying magic.

Fashion conquers all!

Sergio Wonder


Fashionista of the Future said...

iLove Emma Watson...I definitely have this poster of her in this sick ensemble she worre in Teen Vogue. =)

FABIO who ? said...

I love Emma watson but did you hear her brother whom is feature along with her in the campaign will be doing the runway as well? Ugh! I'm so envious. Overall I am dying for this collection, I even want the womens RTW. Anwho, glad you are back. I love your blog.

KRAVEN said...

Well you know I love this Sergio... :-D

vivian said...

What the Frig-Fack. Harry Porter never looked so good.Bravo Emma. Now why couldn't the witch make magic in this?..I love it.