[Drive Me] Jaguar CX-C

Alright, so I know I talk a l0t of smack about what my dream car would be, or when I win the lotto which car will be my first purchase... but THIS TIME its serious. The new Jaguar CX-C by Phillip Dean (who is a graduate from the Coventry University) definitely sets some internal motors on fire (for me). Maybe because is all the curves.

On paper, the C-XC is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, with a single-piece glass upper hull that covers the length of the vehicle and improves its aerodynamic profile and keep the inside of the vehicle well lit. Likewise, the covered tires are designed to help keep it lean and mean and, though it may never be manufactured, its production notes include enviro-friendlier materials such as vegetable tan leather and recycled plastic bottles.


Charlie Brown said...

Makes me wanna pick up some chick on the side of the road and drive to the city! lol

Mikey said...

I wanna have sex in or with that car. That's how turned on I am right now...

*horny grin*