I Want My Nikes!!!!

On February 14, 2008, Kid Cuddi was tasered at the Reebok Party in Pheonix, Arizona.
It was reported that he got into a little scuffle, BECAUSE he wanted to wear his Nike trainers for his performance.
Hmmmmmmmmm....What more can I say.. When you are asked to perform at an event, that is being sponsored by a certain company, shouldn't you abide by the sponsors rules and regulations?? I'm sure that all they asked him to do was to remove his Nikes, for a pair of crisp Reeboks...
Okayyyyy...To be honest, I understand that he wanted to stay true to himself, and wear what accentuates him as Kid Cuddi...But come on now, Reebok Party. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. You're performing at a Reebok event, not a Nike event. Why promote the competition??
Could Kanye's "too big, too wide, too strong, wont fit" EGO be rubbing off our friend Mr. Cuddi???

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