From G's 2 Gents? Or Boyz 2 Men???

Is it just me, or does it seem that, there's a rising trend in the Music world, where a number of Hip-Hop's most prominent "HOOD" stars have made recent effrots to clean up their image.
But is that what I am talking about??
Check out this photo of Q-Tip, which was seen in the Dec/Jan issue of Men's Vogue. He cleans up nice doesn't he?
I only remember Q-Tip from Poetic Justice sporting sweat shirts and pants, and a tobbogan hat. Now look at him. I'm impressed.
It seems that many other hip hop moguls have decided to go for a more polished image. Remember 50 Cent's "Sasha Fierce" GQ cover??
Diddy...Jay Z...TI...Kanye West..Ludacris..
They have all dumped their baggy jeans and tall t's, for a more sophisticated look, and addopted closer cut clothings and it suits them well.
Are our boys of yesterday finally becoming the MEN of tomorrow??
What do you think??

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