I Wonder...(Only Sometimes)

I don't know if anyone remembers the times when things like shoes, cars, and trendy clothes were of no significance to us. When all that mattered was education, the dreams you held, and things like your favorite food or ride at the theme park. Sometimes, I really wouldn't mind getting away from all that I rant and/or rave about these days. I never realized how it blurs my vision on what my purpose is in this life.

Horace Buddoo (someone I look up to), one day mentioned to me that he tries to stay out of "the matrix".... by avoiding things like commercial television, the radio, excessive shopping, etc. At first I don't think I understood what he meant. But in my serious moments, I can analyze the co-relation to the film. The matrix is a world that isn't real. The food is tasteless, your style is just an illusion to your image, and there are "tricks" you can do that you wouldn't normally do if you weren't PLUGGED IN. Which sort of lead me into my next point. Why get plugged? (I'm left unanswered).


Mikey said...

I feel you. I'm not plugged in at all. As a matter of fact I hate the trends and mainstream mess. To me individuality died a terrible death and I mourn her. Ppl became digital if you get what I mean. No longer real, but simply the image of reality.

Anonymous said...

yea when I try to fight what i yearn for im like fuck i need to unplugg for just a sec. its like crack man!