Dreams of Hollywood...

I have a friend who I think about very often. She's very dear and important to me, and according to Facebook..."Its Complicated" (whatever that could mean to the earth's population,lol). I met Holly Fitzgerald when I was studying Fashion Marketing & Design in college at American
Intercontinental University London back in 2007, and I remember when I first laid my eyes on her, I knew she was special. She had this phenomenal haircut and amazing spirit about her, and when I actually got to know her...the least I can say at the moment is that it was an amplified experience. It's after 1am and she just crossed my mind. I MISS MY HOLLY!!

(Oh and expect more posts about this chick... cuz she's effin' STUNNING I tell you!)


Anonymous said...

omg!!! there isnt more

Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous
-tHe rOck