Every Man Needs a Manual

Somehow I got a free copy of the Details (yes, the magazine) Men's
Manual, thanks to the deal between them and Tommy Hilfiger, employees
get free stuff... Reading half way through the book, I realized that it
is imperative for about 60% of the men that I know (who care about
their image) to READ THIS BOOK. I guess the more challenging part is to
GET them to be concerned about the way the look first. Daniel Peres
introduces the book stating that the fashion powers that be, criticized
him to be a sloppy mess... but he was inspired to walk the walk being
the editor in chief of one of the most influential fashion magazines in
America (Details). The book covers common issues like "The Perfect Fit"
for your shirt, pants, jackets, etc., classics to own, places to shop,
and (GET THIS...) "Rules of Style" by Zac Posen, Michael Kors, Kenneth
Cole, and Giorgio Armani. This is yet another great (and useful) book
added to the Fashion Library...

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