Entourage...For Minors

You know, I don't ever remember having an "entourage" in high school, just people who I hung out with. Oddly enough, I didn't care TOO (keyword) much about the fashion world and its image as I do now back in high school (c/o 2003, it really wasn't that long ago). But when I hear about teens having a crew... A STYLE CREW... it only makes me wonder why North Miami Senior High was my place of Representation (lol). My new found love, An Dukes (to my discovery), DOES have an entourage to call her own and she refers to them as "The Fakes", which I think is THE most interesting name for an entourage. They adopt trends like riding boots, jumpsuits, extravagant headgear, and colors that make you want to fly. Of course they have their casually cute days and their "snap me a picture" days just to give the crowd some breathing time. I know there just to be of couple of kids scraping their lunch money to buy a vintage day dress and borrow mommy's stilettos just to get noticed by An Dukes and "The Fakes". It's a hard knock life, isn't it?

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