Boys Like Girls Who Dress Like Boys

I got the January 2009 Issue of Harper's Bazaar in the mail today... and what freaking' issue it is. We are all madly in love with flawless style icon Victoria Beckham, there's no doubt about that! But in this issue she speaks on living and maintaining an image (and not just a lifestyle). She also goes into saying "I don't complain about paparazzi because I've put myself in that position" which is what every icon should stand by.

Although, now that her hair is much shorter, the boyish looks are a BIT 
bothersome. But I can admire her iconoclastic efforts. VICKI FOR QUEEN!


Mikey said...

Hmmmm. I didn't like it. But I will give it another chance. For you.

Anonymous said...

i can get used to it
-tHe rOck

Charlie Brown said...

Is there nothing else to be said about this chick?