Take me to the Webster

I know I have many many MANY issues (addiction to shopping being one of
'em), but I went to The Webster on South Beach during my lunch break and
saw these Tribal Inspired high-tops made by Yves Saint Laurent. I will
be honest... when I first laid my eyes on em... "WTF!" was my first
reaction, but after giving a second of my thoughts (and my left foot
for a try), my heart grew on the entire shoe (including the tassels -
cuz there NOT JUST for girls).

Now being that The Webster offers the best luxury items for today's "it
girl/boy"... (and definitely replaces that disappointment of a clothing
store; Barney's) I didn't only see just one heart-stopping shoe... but I
also caught a glimpse of these Martin Margiela's (so hot right now).

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