Wild With It.

Don't let bold prints scare you away from a good look. Joy Rich has given us a phenomenal pair of harm sweats that could easily be the change you need in your wardrobe.  Maybe paired with a denim jacket, your darkest pair of shades, you'll be mistaken for a rock star. 

Sergio [Wonder]

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Amber Chocolate Cherry Drizzle said...

Im thinkin ID LIKE To wear em if they were a bit tighter and with some knee high leather lime green boots with a matching leather jacket that plooms out a bit with its own custom belt tie in the waist area....the coat should only be long enough to cover the top portion of my bottom.....then the coat should also have dramatic volume to the sleeves up until the forearm. They should be dolman sleeve like...then fit from my forearm all the way down to my wrists. I shall also pair it with some of my vintage yet still gorgeous gaudy gold jewelry.

yeah thats a good look for me.