Now THIS is a Fox!

Thanks to loyal RW reader and all around stylebuddy Djaniel (who has begun to blog from some fantastic dream world wedged between Plato's Atlantis and Rihanna's Guest House @ whereisdjaniel.blogspot.com check him out) for leading my eyes to these smoldering photos of today's #1 Screen Siren: Megan Fox, as seen in Wonderland Magazine (see a few more photos here).

I'm not really a fan of Fox, someone who can thank her looks for her career, but if she keeps this up, I will be happy to convert... or transform rather.

This editorial makes me wonder, could Fox be fashion's Fifth Element?

- K R A V E N


where.isDJANIEL said...

get me those earrings for thanksgiving.

FABIO who ? said...

Megan looks amahzing! She can pass as this super hot fashionable alien.

KRAVEN said...

Yes my friend! And if that's what Aliens look like, then beam me up!