Ralph Lauren Did Whaaaattt??

"I think they [Ralph Lauren] owe American women an apology, a big apology," says Filippa Hamilton. "I'm very proud of what I look like, and I think a role model should look healthy."

Rumor has it that the gorgeous model Filippa Hamilton was released (that's business speak for FIRED) from her contract with Ralph Lauren, one that she has held since she was just 15 years old (wow).

The kicker that has been embarrassing both the company and its namesake designer is the purported reasons why she was let go which stem from Ralph Lauren's (the designer himself and the company) apparent disapproval of her weight: 120 pounds, 5'10".

The termination, one of many that happen very often but deep under the radar in the industry, was brought to the forefront when a blogger noticed a rather atrocious airbrushed ad of Filippa appearing toothpick thin (seen below):

So really guys... My mom is not thin nor fat, the same for my sisters. My friends and coworkers are not this thin. I have a feeling most of our female readers are not this thin. So who's at fault?? Anna Wintour? The designers behind these labels? Or those of us who line up to watch rail-thin women walk runways, flood our magazines, and stride across our televisions?

All due respect to our beloved American designers and those abroad, but in fashion today there really is a significant consequence associated with the saturation of these sorts of photos which visibly and blatantly misrepresent "beautiful" women (and men) and it's not welcome.


Something's gotta give.

-K R A V E N


Naddy said...

I totally agree with this post.
another thing that is hurting me is the Black Face that is parading on Paris Runways. . . The militant in me wants to burn the Eiffel Tower down.

KRAVEN said...

Yes Naddy, it makes you wonder WTF is wrong with the editors and fashion elite?

What are we saying to women and especially young girls?

We'll photograph you if you're skinny..?


White skin is so much more beautiful than the rest that we'd rather paint it black than to hire a black model?

Absolutely absurd! It does make you want to set something on fire!!! lol

Vivian said...

It is in-creditably unfair to women and society as a hole to be so obsessed with size. I, myself spend hours and hours of the day focused on NOT eating this or that. It is ridiculous.

KRAVEN said...

I know how you feel Vivian.

Most of us, especially those of us that frequently monitor or work in fashion, experience some sort of disturbing anomaly in our daily routines often because of some nagging itch that we need to be smaller, taller, or fuller here, tighter there... so on.

It really is a discomforting phenomenon.

Mikey said...

*vomits violently*