I slept with Yves [last night]

After all the talk and fantasizing about them... the YSL Tribal Moccasins are finally mine! FINALLY!!! And you won't believe the hell I went through to get them in my possession. In a nutshell (and a 30 minute lunch break); a lost wallet (right before purchase), a cancelled bankcard, a bank with one "office teller" and no replacement cards, a memorized account number but no I.D, and a police report.

With all that being said Fashion is Fun!


Mikey said...

CONGRATS!!!! : )

*goes to speak ill of Omar's fashion sense to compensate for my lack of YSL Moccasins*

Lekan said...

umm jealous much!
they look fantastic omar!
you can send them over here anytime, for no apparent reason.
have you seen the blue Gucci mocassin style shoes? I think i might invest for summer...