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Its MLK day and I didn't go to a [traditional] parade, Ceremony of
Remembrance, or a BBQ (at some park where a bunch of "new breeds dwell",
::: wink wink ::: ). Rather, I spent the morning shopping with my moms
at our usual spots (emphasis on "OUR", because they're the only
brands/stores that we both can agree on);

10:02 A.M Michael Kors,
10:47 A.M Barney's CO-OP,
11:30 A.M (on the dot) J.Crew
12:12 P.M Forever 21 (for me obviously)
12:53 P.M Tommy Hilfiger Specialty Outlet
1:48 P.M Tommy Hilfiger Flagship (6th & Collins)
After spending most of our life savings I, later, took her to see the
work I'd done at the store (there's nothing more fulfilling than a proud
mother...'nuff said).

3:11 P.M The Webster (of course just to browse, we're not "there" yet)

3:48 P.M Chino's Pizza on 7th & Washington (probably the best pizza to
have on south beach)

To top of the entire day of mother-son quality time... I saw this
message finger-written in the concrete (if you're WONDERing, it reads
"Happy Say Peace" which to me can be interpreted in many ways)...

Today was a good day.


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your mother is stunning. you resemble her