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I spent the beginning of my day getting inspired my Russell Simmons' book (given to me by a dear friend of mine, Tristan Coopersmith...look her up) 'Life and Def'. Though I'd already read the book... Today just seemed like the perfect day to reintroduce myself to his words.

Russell touched on some things like his inspirations, his love life (or lives,lol), networking, and his growth as an urban corporate american figure. More importantly he reminded his readers that he wasn't "given money" but he had to find different ways to make it (which begun his life story).

He also pulled (but didn't play) the race card:

"One key example of how I view the world is my feeling about the word 'racist'. I don't use the word 'racist' much. It's not productive. It doesn't help me to say, 'Oh, yes, white people are racist. That's why I can't get ahead.' You see, I realized a while ago that I have the
ability to stomach racist white people and accept the rest of of them for what they are."

And I completely appreciate his views. I DO understand that in some (maybe most) cases race may be an issue... but only if you make it an issue. (Right?)

"So when I say, 'I can stomach racist white people,'" he continues, "it's because their small-mindedness doesn't mean sh*t to me." Which (I believe) is a great attitude to possess. "Anger can sidetrack you. It take a lot of energy to be mad all the time. Some people can do that and
still get things done. I cannot. I have to be moving forward or I fall into the trap of letting the anger control me." However despite what Russell has experienced he firmly believes that "at the end of the day, it's what you learn from these interactions that determine your success or failure."

Other quotes going on the wall:

"Maintain your honesty and integrity, commercial success and longevity
will follow"

"Finding ways to get along with people I crucial to anything you do"

"Not everyone you learn from is gonna be nice"

"You are only as good as the people around you. You can have a powerful
vision but without a staff that can make it happen, it's just a dream"

"Today's asshole may be tomorrow's innovator"


"We don't change for you; you adapt to us." (Dope right?)

Keepin' Fresh

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Mikey said...

If I wasn't gonna go buy the Duchess on DVD I would buy his book. : )