No Spotlight...

Hard day at work, all I wanted to do was get home to my bed and read Bazaar's Februsary issue (read tomorrow's post). But I happened to get stopped by a police officer who told me I was tailgating, improperly changing lanes WITH my high beams on. So of course, he was nice enough to just give me a 30 minute lecture and no ticket (which would've cost me $700).

Reasons such as these only push me to move to a planet where I can just
take a subway/tube


Mikey said...

You are blessed. With my luck I would have been face down on the concrete trying to explain how a family of illegal imigrants snuck into my trunk.

Officer that is Gold Bond. I have stinky feet!!!

KRAVEN said...

Ugh, that was YOU behind me!!

Justice SERVED!

Ur Baby Momma said...

Thank goodness! I sent that cop after you so you can STOP LIGHT'NIN UP MY TAIL!!!!! (gate) LOL