Lay Down

We found Petar Petrov last season accomplishing a cool yet affectionate image by exposing a softer palette in men's wear. Many may not have been able to call that particular look their own as it was called to be somewhat difficult. However this Fall, Petrov has continued to stay true to his work ethic and furnish us with shocking colors. Of course newer hues isn't the only trick that he can pull from his hat. He's kept his stapled classics, but provided trendy faded jean which is accompanied by technicolored dress shoes. As if that wasn't enough to send you running back to The Men's Warehouse... the grey lightweight nylon suits are perfect for any sort demanding statement.  If there's nothing else for me to gain from this collection in it's entirety... the shoes have stolen my heart! 


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Mikey said...

Yay for the baggy sweaters! I knew I was on to something.

: )