Just Grand!

Last night, The Webster celebrated their grand opening for their new store on 12th and Collins Ave and anyone who's anyone with a credit card found themselves enjoying drinks soaked with Grey Goose and the most delicious chocolate truffles I've ever had.

The hotel turned luxury boutique has spent the last two years developing their new ambience to call home. Now that it's complete, we all can finally breathe comfortably since the new spot has three spacious floors with a French Cafe that specializes in flavored salmon. Naturally, while standing in a crowded room of what felt like thousands of people, I spotted my dream pair of "Dining Room" Slippers by Ralph Lauren and then a pair by Tom Ford. The feeling?... Heaven in a boutique!

There were some other pictures taken by other publications. So I will post them as soon as we get them in our possession. 

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Mikey said...

Yeah that was a great night! Why do the pictures look so much better on your blog? >_<

LOL. Thanx Sergio!