Sunday, Monday... Happy Days

Summer time is here and there may be some out there who fashionably (and maybe physically) dread the season's arrival. Unfortunately, I am one of those people since there's not that much fun things to wear. Take me to the city where it snows and every 9 out of 10 people are wearing gloves and scarves... and I'm home! Though I'm not a "heat fan" brands like Uniqlo are making it a bit enticing for people like me. I caught this white lightweight jacket and these washed chino shorts and [pretty much] fell in love... which sucks because I'm a slave to layering, no matter the variation. More than the style and image of the brand... is the affordability that brought me in and that's gotta be a happy day for everyone. 

I'm a believer

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Seneca said...

I'll be in The City on Monday and you know I'll be checkin for this at Uniqlo in SoHo.