I'm the Mother, You're the Child

Usually you'll notice designers who attempt to produce an african inspired collection and it'll be interpreted literally and then you'll be stuck with a Kenyan wedding gown in your closet. However with Suno, it wasn't the case at all. After reviewing his Spring Summer 2009 Collection, I saw nothing but versatility with the inspiration of African kangas behind it all. What I adored most about these pieces is that you can mix it up with whatever you already have in your wardrobe and not get lost in the garment. You can be classic by pairing a crisp white woven (a.k.a "a button up blouse") with one of the printed skirts or you can just be as trendy as you wanna be by throwing on a graphic tee and a leather biker jacket! The possibilities are endless, and my respects are definitely paid since it's quite difficult to work with African prints.

Freshly Kept

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Mikey said...

At first glance I was like "..."

But then I wiped away the film of my bias and it became "...WOW!"

This was well done. Very well done and honestly its not Mother Africa, more like Madame Afrikana!