Do It For The Rich!

If I was ever given the chance to take a glimpse into the future, just for the experience, I'd take the opportunity by the reigns and hold on tight! This is solely why so many people attend fashion weeks across the globe.... for the exclusive feeling of seeing what will be coming their way. Seeing Givenchy's Winter 2010 accessory collection was nothing short of exhilarating. As of late, I've been getting a bit restless with the image of men's wear since it now seems to be so redundant and excessive. So of course, when something new and shocking comes along, I just can't get blamed when something like an erection occurs. I know I speak much about something called "statement footwear" because it can be such a vital item in one's wardrobe and Givenchy has definitely hit me with what I seem to have been hungry for this season. The sad thing... Is I'm going to have to wait a while to actually get them into my closet! 


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