Flick! Flick! Flick!

I think it's a total surprise when you see where your friends end up when you've been separated for an extended amount of time. Photographer, Meshaka Robinson has developed an intense vision of life through the lens of his camera that is certainly an undeniable talent. When Robinson and I went to high school together, I had no clue that he had such a burning passion to interpret images through the art of photography the way he does now (probably because we were just never in the same place long enough to know each other well). This brief collection was reprtedly something he produced for his final project in which I believe speak volumes. I won't give my opinion on this particular post, as I want you to translate his work on your own and let it speak to you. Robinson uses his, blog The Image Life to also express his views and showcase his marvelous works. 

I dig!

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