The Air I Breathe

I don't have to go into yet another speech on how much I esteem those who take up fashion illustration , so I wont (lol). Fellow designer and friend Bobby Creger has always been one who lives unafraid of possibilities and it clearly shows in his work (as if I didn't need anymore reasons to love him more). However, Creger isn't limited to just fashion design, he also greatly explores the grounds of wardrobe styling, photography and takes the time to post it all on his blog. 

Remembering the very first time I met Bobby at American InterContinetal University London, I was incredibly intimidated to even speak to him because his style was so overwhelmingly inordinate and I adored it. Without knowing it, he still serves as one one of my style icons  today by portraying the image of the modern man that I totally dig.  With that being said, this definitely won't be the last time you see him here on Runway Wonderland



Style Slicker said...

I love Bobby's style!!!

Bobby Creger said...

Ahhh!! hahaha i'm very flattered omar! =D
i still remember modelling your stuff. . .was so fun. . .and i remember the pants made my butt look very nice :3 HA!

YOU are the talented one =]
Keep up the awesome work. . .I'll try to catch up with you ;]