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Anyone who caught American Idol last night, saw that music's new phenomenon, Lady GaGa wrote her name all over the stage and could've have been more dope during the process. When GaGa first hit the scene... I didn't too much care for her because her name was way too ridiculous to justify. But then I got to know Lady GaGa the entertainer... and it was a whole nother experience. There were two specific things about last night's performance that caused a couple mind orgasms. Whenever I discover that an artist plays an instrument and new level of respect just seems to surface (i'm not sure why, it just happens) and seeing GaGa play that piano in that incredible space suit was definitely new. Lastly... THE EYE ZIPPER! WHO'S BRIGHT IDEA WAS THAT?!?!?!

Freshly Kept


Anna said...

I watched and when I came to, it was the next day.
The zipper sent me to my grave!

Anonymous said...