Color Rock

I'm a proud advocate of many things, while color stands to be one of them, this "Retro Rave" editorial spread in GQ's Spring Summer 2009 issue has gotten my specs all fogged up...and not in the best way. I love everything about the monochromatic styling EXCEPT the canary yellow suit and the pink panties...NO man should wear pink panties (although the shoes are kinda dope)! I'm on the look for all the blue pieces.


Charlie Brown said...

the pink panties are a little disturbing. The orange suit really gonna find its way to my suitcase.

Anna said...

i actually have an issue with any man who wear tighties of any color. So I'm with you Mr. Wonder.

Mikey said...

Wait... I'm still having a seizure from looking at those clothes.

The blue jacket is fly as a kite!